#Prajnya10: Thank you to the individuals who always support us! (6)

We love our poetry programmes and are grateful we get to have them. But what are poetry programmes without poets who generously share their writing? The four poets who have read several times and mentored our efforts got to read our attempts at poetry so for them especially, a collective tribute:


Sharanya Manivannan


K. Srilata


Kutti Revathi




#Prajnya10: Thank you to the individuals who always stand by us! (1)

We are a microscopically small team and as talented as we may like to think we are, there is only so much we could do without the help and support of individuals who have become our friends, our teachers and our go-to resource people. We are, because they work with us. We bask in the credibility their support lends us. We depend on them.

We have nothing we can afford to give them that is equal to a fraction of their importance to us. So we wrote them thank you poems, which we are sharing here across multiple posts.

Amba Salelkar


Anil Srinivasan


Anita Ratnam