#Prajnya10: Our Journey

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” Had we known how much work the September 8th function entailed, we may (or may not) have proceeded with caution. We ended up doing a great deal of writing for it, mostly recalling our own journey.

We had a slideshow that we shared with our friends, and it can be viewed here.

Prajnya: The Journey

souvenir coverOur volunteer Meera Rajagopalan thought it scandalous (okay, not quite!) that we had not planned on a souvenir. She urged us to get one and rashly offered both to put it together and to sponsor its production. Down the line, Bharati Ramachandran of Barapani got involved, and she helped with getting it designed and edited. On the penultimate day, our administrator, Santha Nallathambi rushed to get it printed. On the 8th, alas, some people got copies and some did not. But that gives us a reason to reach out to them again. And you can read it here!


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