#Prajnya10! A once-in-a-decade celebration!

On September 9, 2017, Prajnya Initiatives turned 10.

We began talking about a celebration in January and it seemed premature at the time. It was also something new for us. We have spent so much time agonising and analysing and so little in celebration in the last ten years that for some, it was surely… celebrating? why? But the more we talked about it, the more it was clear that this was something we should do. For Swarna, it was about team morale as much as anything else–to get everyone who has been involved to feel pride and take ownership again. And of course, survival deserves its own celebration. We were clear even in the early discussions that we wanted our celebration to be about gratitude and about ‘planting.’

We settled on three levels of celebration–because complicating things is our true forte. On the actual weekend, we would have two gatherings: one, more public, where we thank those who have consistently worked with us, organisations and people, and one, private, a celebration for the team. The second level would be a commitment by each project or part of Prajnya to an activity that would celebrate the ten years, in the course of the coming year. The third level would be the ‘deepening-widening’ exercise that became a theme for us through the celebrations–we would start new activities or project that would deepen our engagement or widen our reach.

This set of blogposts is about documenting the September 8-9 celebration. We realised while producing the many pieces of writing that went into this celebration that our blogs are our own best resource. This series is an archival investment.



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