In sum: Half-empty or half-full?

We launched our 2013 fundraising drive on April 14, 2013 with a target of Rs. 300,000/- (3 lakhs).

As we closed yesterday, on a preliminary tally, we had received Rs. 177002/- in 15 individual donations and one corporate donation. That makes up about 59% of our target.

We remain short of 41%. Of course, the end of the “fundraising drive period” does not mean people cannot and will not donate after this. But what it does mean is that we will have to trim our sails somewhat and that we will come around once more in a few months with a begging-bowl. Please bear with us then.

Notwithstanding the disappointment of the fundraising deficit, it means a lot to us that so many people cared enough to take the time and effort to see what they could spare and share for our work. People ask who funds us, and we are proud to say our work belongs to you–our immediate community–and through you to the larger community in which we live and where we seek to bring change.

Thank you for your faith and support! It’s what keeps us going.

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