Grey skies. Are sunny fundraising days past?

This week, we received only Rs. 2000/- in donation. Only, that is, in relation to our goal which is hopelessly distant.

But it’s a precious 2000, not just because every rupee counts and every donation is an expression of support, but because it comes in memory of a childhood friend who passed away too, too early. Perhaps it will bring us luck in this coming week, the last week of this fundraising drive.

Happier news, though from Neela Thaamara: Lots of people have been asking about the bags, and orders are now coming in. They did not print too many, though, so if you want one, place your order today.

And no, even if all the bags sell, we will still be way short of our target, INR 300,000/- (3 lakhs). So if you can help us find a few large donations to cover the distance, we would be very grateful. This year’s 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence and several other projects hang in the balance in the meanwhile. Please help!

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