A good week, but we’re still not looking!

This week, we received donations (counting pledges and undeposited cheques) of Rs. 73,000/-. I am almost afraid to be happy about this…. what if, what if, what if? Easier not to celebrate but to focus on the amount remaining–more than 50% in about 20 days. Will we make it?

Someone asked me this week: Why May 31? Can’t people donate after that? Of course people can donate after that and they do year-round. But here’s the thing, a lot of what we do takes planning far in advance, and we can’t plan on money we don’t have. For instance we want to hold 3-4 roundtables for HR managers on workplace sexual harassment. To set dates, block our resource persons’ time, block a venue and go through the process of inviting, following up, chasing and reminding participants, we need a lot of lead time. Working back, that means we need to be fairly sure of a minimum amount of money in the bank as well. If we know June 1 what we definitely have to work with through the year, we will adjust our reach and plans accordingly.

For now, on May 12, we have more than half of our fundraising target to meet. And we sit here, fingers and toes crossed and touching wood, not breathing, not wanting to look, hoping for the best.

We leave with the gentle reminder that for Hindus, Akshaya Tritiyai is a really good day to donate. Whatever you do on this day will multiply. What you give us will multiply in our accounts. Whatever good karma you earn will multiply. And your ability to give will multiply. It is the gift that keeps on giving!


PS: Suchitra Laxman made us a new fundraising presentation that introduces our work to new friends and also explains what we are raising funds for. Do share! Thanks!
About Prajnya and why we seek support 2013-14

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