And we’re off…

This week, Prajnya received Rs. 17,000/- in donations, all on the same day! And then we started this week with another Rs. 5000/-. Thank you to our donors! You know who you are!

I am holding my breath, touching wood, crossing fingers and toes (you do too, please!)… please, please, please let this continue. We are still not even at 10% of our goal: Rs. 300,000/-.

I want to write something about the timing of this drive. What is logical is for us to raise funds at around the time that people are looking for tax savings–the last quarter of the financial year. It also allows us to enter the year assured of the funds we need to do our work. However, that leaves us carrying over a larger balance amount than we’d like or should.

The advantages of an April-May drive now seem many. First, we know what we are carrying over and can more accurately assess need. Second, given Chennai’s heat, it’s a quiet time for us anyway and our work tends to be routine and low-cost so it’s okay if funds are only trickling in now. Third, we started this drive on a common New Year’s Day (April 14) and it will take in Akshaya Tritiyai (May 13). We are hoping people will want to celebrate these by giving–to us, as well! When I have the money, I like to do that as part of my celebration. Finally, with the drive ending before the substantive planning for the 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence begins, we should, hopefully, have the resources we would like and won’t have to spend our energies on fundraising closer to the time. Fingers crossed that this drive is successful!

We have created a slideshow version of our fundraising appeal so that we (you and I) can share that as well. These days, when everyone is so busy and processing so much information all the time, the brevity of slides and bullet-points is handy. Take a look: With your help, we can do anything!

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