The first stretch is the hardest?

Week 1 of our 2013 fundraising drive just got done, and with just one donation of Rs. 1001/-: mine. That’s disappointing. We need to raise 3 lakhs (300,000 rupees).

The hardest part of my work in Prajnya is keeping the faith–that this work is worthwhile, that we will find people, that we will find financial and material support. If I lose faith, then the most important function I perform–cheerleading–lacks conviction.

In some stretches, nothing seems to work as it might. This has been such a stretch. It is clear to us we have pushed the volunteer team model to its limits. Using space at home is also limiting to everyone. And yet, moving out is not an immediate option.

With so much awareness about gender violence post-December 2012, I have wondered what is left for us to do. But there is work–there is the deepening and widening work of imparting more information and more skills. There are still serious research gaps we aspire to be able to fill.

And there is our other work. The work that actually inspired the launch of Prajnya–oral history and documentation on women’s work in the public sphere and peace education. For me, the near-comatose state of our peace education projects has been very saddening. I think, if we cannot do this work, then what work do we want to do at all?

So to find that at the end of the first week, our fundraising drive has lacked both tail-wind and momentum, makes me anxious. Very anxious.

If you missed our fundraising appeal, here it is:

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