Prajnya’s first Marathon!

For the first time, Prajnya was represented in a Marathon: The Delhi Half-Marathon on September 30, 2012.

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A report from Hemant Shivakumar, a Prajnya volunteer working in Delhi, who took the initiative to make this possible:

Prajnya’s runners’ network and the Delhi Half Marathon
Prajnya’s 16-day campaign against gender violence commences on November 25, 2012. As a run up, team Prajnya’s volunteers at Delhi decided to use the ‘Airtel Delhi Half Marathon’ to promote Prajnya’s campaign and to kickstart a runners’ network for Prajnya. The runners network for Prajnya will comprise of volunteers around India/ world, ready to participate in runs and half marathons to promote team Prajnya and to convey a resounding ‘NO’ to violence against women. Prajnya’s runners’ network got off the ground with participation in the Delhi Half Marathon held on 30 September 2012 @ Delhi.
In Delhi, Ravikiran Upadrasta volunteered to sport the Prajnya Tshirt and run the half marathon. He completed the 21km run successfully. The run began at JLN stadium and passed Lodhi road, Rajpath, Jantar Mantar, and back to JLN stadium.
Hemant and Meghnad were the two non-running Prajnya volunteers at the Delhi Half Marathon.
Prajnya’s runners network will participate at the Chennai Marathon (December 1, 2012) and the Mumbai Marathon (January 20, 2013). Watch us run and rally against gender violence!
To become part of the Prajnya Runners’ Network, email

2 thoughts on “Prajnya’s first Marathon!

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