The next stage

At our last Trustees’ meeting, all of us were unanimous that it was now time to get a small office space of our own and to hire a full-time administrator. And we agreed that in fact, the administrator was more critical than the office.

We can always borrow space, but we are finding that we can no longer manage with a part-time office team. The first casualty is efficient programme planning. We’re already short-handed without the hands that are available being preoccupied with logistical support and administrative housekeeping. But even scarier than that, as we enter Year 6, is the fear of falling behind on book-keeping. We believe, as do lots of others, that correctness and transparency are both critical to our legitimacy as a social organization. But as we grow and our lives get complicated, without a full-time person to sort us out, keep (us and) our papers in order, enforce a book-keeping discipline on us as we fly in and out of projects… this is getting palpably more difficult.

Ironically, although everyone would hold NGOs to such standards, there are few organizations we know of that support administration and overheads. And wages in the social sector are almost exploitatively low. If we were to try and raise what our current volunteer administrator earns, we would be taken to task for profligate spending on peripheral items. We know however, how vital this work is to us as an organization.

Prajnya is ready to take the next step. Can you help us figure out how to do that? Do you know of organizations who fund administrative and infrastructural expenses? Do you know of individuals who can see the sense in contributing towards this important need? Would you share this information with us please? Or share information about us with them (you don’t have to tell us)? If you would like to be our advocate and introduce us, we would be grateful.

Thank you for your help!

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