On our fifth birthday, thank you!

Prajnya Initiatives turn 5 on September 9, 2012.

As the founder, I am alternately stunned by Prajnya’s journey, and winded by its exertions. People ask, what have you achieved, and I honestly have no answer except to say that the world changes if you keep moving and working. And you, have made this possible for us. It all works because we walk together. That, I know with complete certainty.

I am writing to thank you for supporting our work with your generous donation—whether it has taken the form of money, moral support, time that you have given us, shared expertise, shared network or cooperative partnership—one or more of the above.

To our donors: Your financial support speaks to us at multiple levels. It allows us to go out into the marketplace of goods and services to facilitate our work. When we stumble into self-doubt, it tells us, no, keep moving, you are on the right track. Or, don’t worry, I have faith in you. And most important, it gives us a community to which we can point and say: They believe in this cause, too. It’s not just us. You are the energy behind this change that we will bring about, creating a peaceful and just world. It’s happening because you want it to happen. We really couldn’t do anything without you, and all of us at Prajnya are profoundly grateful to you for your thoughtfulness, moral support and generosity.

To our partners: The work of making the world a better place is no one’s private turf. All of us care, all of us have committed to trying our best and we can each work best by learning from others and walking and working together from time to time. Those are values enshrined in Prajnya’s founding documents, and in the five years since our founding, all of us have repeatedly learnt that seeking to work with others is both an intrinsic and an instrumental good. It is working with other organizations like yours that has made our efforts possible, plausible and effective. We value our partnership with you, more than you know. And we thank you humbly for everything we have learnt from you in these years of our working together.

To resource persons, teachers and friends: At Prajnya, we did not start with the illusion that we possessed the competence to do everything ourselves. And all our experiences have only reinforced this clarity. If experienced and expert persons like you were not willing to share knowledge, skills, time and networks with us, what would we have been able to do? I will tell you: virtually nothing. I hope we do this every time we work together, but I certainly want to take a moment today to tell you how vital your support is to making our work possible. And I want to thank you for everything all of us at Prajnya have learnt from you. By participating in our projects and programmes, you have been friend, resource and teacher. We count on your continued presence in our community.

A heartfelt namaste; a very humble thank you, and a promise to do our best, are what we give you in return.

Swarna Rajagopalan, on behalf of the entire Prajnya team

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