In fundraising news…

This week was marginally better… one cheque for Rs. 2000/- arrived. We know about Rs. 12500/- at least is on its way.

The terrific news about our fundraising drive is that this Rs. 100,000/- we’ve raised is mainly from individuals. This means people are looking at their household expenses, their savings, their investments and finding a few thousand here and there to put towards our work because they think these are important causes (and that we make an honest effort). This is beyond amazing!

But we now need to get a few of those slightly larger chunks that only corporate entities and foundations can afford. They too can avail of the 80G tax benefit and this is the time to do that–the coming four weeks. Would you be our advocate? Would you please help us reach people who might support us but do not know about our work?

This might help: What you enable.

Thank you so much!

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About prajnya

Prajnya is a non-profit centre for research, public education and networking, working on issues relating to peace, justice and security. We are based in Chennai, India.

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