The Founding Board

One swallow does not make a summer. One dreamer cannot make a dream come true. We have never really had a place to tell you about our trustees before.

Shilpa Anand was the first one to come aboard. She brought to the Board an understanding of fiscal and management intricacies, a strong pragmatic sense and firm belief in the Prajnya vision. She has remained on the board since Prajnya’s founding, a constant support.

Sudha Ramachandran, political scientist by training and journalist by vocation, read all our earliest drafts of this and that, engaged with important decision-making and helped shape our earliest projects. Although she left at the end of one term (three years), she remains one of our strongest supporters.

Jaya Menon, journalist, has been an important resource for building Prajnya’s network in Chennai. Her presence on our Board has signaled our sincerity to Chennai’s social sector.Jaya Menon served as Prajnya trustee for two terms.

Ratna Mukherjee brought energy and enthusiasm to our earliest meetings, when we debated this and that provision of our Trust deed, trying to understand what the provisions meant and what they meant to our day to day functioning. She could not stay on the Board, but she remains in our community.

And of course, Swarna Rajagopalan was on the founding board of Trustees as Managing Trustee.

We hope all our past, present and future Trustees will use this platform to share their views of and experiences at Prajnya

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About prajnya

Prajnya is a non-profit centre for research, public education and networking, working on issues relating to peace, justice and security. We are based in Chennai, India.

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