In the beginning

Prajnya is the product of many dreams and dissatisfactions. These have taken many forms all my life, and finally taken shape as Prajnya. The first time I sat down and wrote up a document about Prajnya was in February 2003. This is what the cover said, and this is how I spelt Prajnya then.

As the organization and the work have become more and more real, many things have changed, but we have retained the why this, why now, why thus from the very first document, changing only our spelling both to read more easily and also to facilitate domain registration.

You can read these early notes here.

I have been so anxious not to have Prajnya identified with me, and to develop a co-dependend relationship with the organization that I do not usually identify myself as a founder (though others sometimes do). But here it is, with this photo from the first doc I wrote, saved as ‘theme for a dream.doc’, my mea culpa. I am happy to state this is no longer just my dream. It belongs to everyone who has worked at Prajnya and everyone who supports us and now, you.

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